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by K.L. Somniate

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In a world divided by technologically and militarily enforced boundaries, a soldier is sent on a suicide mission into a rival faction and is captured in an isolationist country.

He's tortured brutally for information but is not forthcoming. They plan to kill and dispose of him, but the night before they intend to carry out his execution, he’s rescued by a political dissident of the country.

He takes him from the government facility, brings him back from the brink of death, and waits for him to wake up. But when he does, the captured soldier bitterly reveals that he was a traitor.

He has no information and had been sent on a suicide mission to be rid of him. And because of the state of his world, he has no place on earth where he belongs anymore because of the separations created by satellite-enforced surveillance and high-tech thermal detection borders.

The dissident, not believing him and dedicated to his mission, forces him to take a journey through treacherous terrain and hazardous weather, and in the process, they both begin to question what they had once believed to be unshakable truths.




















Borderlines K.L. Somniate

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